About The Motor Ombudsman

Formerly known as Motor Codes, and built on nearly a decade of experience of helping to solve motoring disputes, we are the automotive dispute resolution body, and the first ombudsman to be focused solely on the automotive sector. Fully impartial, we self-regulate the UK’s motor industry through the most comprehensive Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Codes of Practice which span the entire customer vehicle purchase and ownership experience.

They are designed to keep standards high and to give added confidence and peace of mind to your customers that they are always in good hands when buying a car or having it repaired.

By becoming accredited to The Motor Ombudsman, you will join thousands of other businesses across the UK who are receiving the following benefits:

  • Access to our impartial CTSI-approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service if you can’t settle a complaint with a customer in the first instance. We help to diffuse issues and reach a fair and satisfactory outcome for all
  • Unlimited and tailored support and information from our team of legally-trained adjudicators
  • Consistent adjudication from the moment a case is raised to our Ombudsman’s final decision
  • Privileged use of The Motor Ombudsman and CTSI-approved Code logos
  • New business leads and increased brand visibility
  • Transparent customer feedback relating to your work and service
  • Exclusive access to a suite of online CTSI-approved training modules to stay up to date with the very latest legislation affecting your business


The Service and Repair Code

By becoming accredited to The Motor Ombudsman’s Service and Repair Code, you have committed to:

  • Honest and fair work and service
  • Open and transparent pricing
  • Completing work as agreed with no additional repairs without prior agreement
  • Employing qualified and conscientious staff
  • Offering your customers a straightforward and swift complaints procedure in the event of a dispute



The Vehicle Sales Code

This Code covers the sale of any new or used vehicle, and you can sign up to it in addition to the Service and Repair Code.

By signing up to the Vehicle Sales Code, you have agreed to:

  • Transparent wording in adverts and pricing
  • Supplying vehicle provenance checks when selling a used car
  • Offering customer test drives before purchase
  • Non-pushy sales techniques
  • Providing advice on warranty and finance products
  • Giving a full vehicle handover with all historic documentation

For more information about The Motor Ombudsman, or to become accredited to the Service and Repair or the Vehicle Sales Code, visit The Motor Ombudsman website.