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Quality and professionalism proves most rewarding for R B Motors on AA Garage Guide


AA Garage Guide, the online search and booking site that puts quality first, has helped London-based garage, R B Motors to increase profitability, achieving impressive booking figures since signing up.


R B Motors listed their business on the AA Garage Guide because they recognise the value of promoting high quality, professional garages to AA customers seeking the best levels of service.


Since joining, the garage has received a total of 24 booking requests worth an average of £263 per invoice, with 1 in every 4 profile views resulting in a booking. Mima Rybanska, Trade Marketing Manager at AA Garage Guide, believes that the key to the business’ success lies in its detailed and well-maintained page on the site .


“R B Motors is a prime example of a business that has taken the time to ensure that its presence on AA Garage Guide accurately depicts the integrity of the garage,” said Mima.


“Their profile page is well populated, containing all the information users need to make an informed decision on whether to make a booking. The detailed list of services and associated costs leaves no room for ambiguity, and it is this transparency which really helps to drive bookings.”


Adhering to the stringent quality standards set by GROUPAUTO, Motor Codes and being listed on the IMI Professional Register has helped R B Motors receive an overall rating on-site of 5/5, with one happy customer reporting: “Very good! Made an appointment for my MOT and was informed I would need a full service soon, which could be done the same day, together with fixing the interior light problem. All done and I’m very happy.” (D Slape, Ford Focus owner)


“The AA’s new Garage Guide is a brilliant platform,” said Mahmud Walji, owner of R B Motors. “It does exactly what it says: it makes it easy for customers to find a high quality garage for their MOT or Service.


“Garages can quickly respond and manage their bookings easily online. Thanks to the AA, my business has already gained a number of new customers for life. I highly recommend the Garage Guide for both garages and motorists alike.”


Those interested in showcasing their business to millions of AA members should click here . There are no subscription fees, just a flat administration fee per confirmed booking, which means garages only pay for the business that AA Garage Guide generates on their behalf.