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Are you ready for Electric cars?

16% of our Members surveyed will be buying a hybrid and 8% a Plug-in hybrid or Electric car*

The future is here, electric cars seemed to be only a thing of the distant future but is now suddenly coming closer, and there is already a shortage of trained technicians and many stories appearing of technicians being hurt because they are not sufficiently trained on how to work with these new breed of cars.


Amongst those planning to change their car in the next five years 43% currently drive a diesel and 55% a petrol car, but when we ask them which fuel their next car will use, only 12% say they’ll be buying a diesel, while 40% will buy a petrol car, 16% a hybrid and 8% a Plug-in hybrid or Electric car*


Reassuringly, nearly 58% of all member garages that participated in survey ran by the AA Garage Guide had at least one member of staff already trained on hybrid and electric vehicles, with 45% of Garage Wire readers confirming that they too can accommodate EV repairs.


“The feedback we received both from our garage network and the Garage Wire readership shows the enthusiasm that’s out there for making sure that garages can cater to all of their customers’ needs,” said Olli Astley Managing Director of Garage Services at The AA.


“55% of our garages are keen to offer electric car charging as an added service, and just over 58% expressed interest in hearing more about the EV / Hybrid vehicle training that we are arranging on their behalf.


Read our president Edmund Kings’s blog on the subject


Get ready for the shift to electric vehicles with the AA Garage Guide

The AA Garage Guide is utilizing its partnerships with the IMI and Chargemaster to help prepare Certified garages on the Garage Guide for electric vehicles coming in for repairs and servicing.


High Voltage safety training from the IMI
The IMI is further developing its own training packages to give more options for technicians to train and build up their knowledge working with Electric vehicles. Discounted electric vehicle training will made available to garages on the Garage Guide. Register your interest here.


Free charge points for garages
David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster said: “We are excited about extending our partnership with the AA to include the provision of charging points for AA Certified garages. As well as helping to support servicing of electric cars at the garages, having public charging points will attract other EV drivers to these locations, who could become future customers.”


How can a charge point benefit you?
Research from Chargemaster shows that 90% of EV drivers will seek out destination that have charging points over those that don’t, meaning that having a charging point provides a real USP while the EV market is developing.
Increase of traffic by visitors charging their car and in turn raising awareness of your business
Additional service to offer your customers when servicing their vehicles
Improving your company’s green credentials
Marketing opportunities


How will drivers access the charge points?

The charging points would be part of POLAR, the UK’s largest EV public charging network, which already has over 6,000 charging points across the country and around 50,000 users.


What type of charge point can I have installed?
Chargemaster offers rapid chargers, that can charge most electric cars fully within 30 minutes, and are perfect for those that are just stopping en-route. They also offer destination chargers, that can be either floor-standing or wall mounted, and are suited for longer stays.


Are there any requirements to have a free charge point installed?


There must be sufficient parking bays available (2 per charge point)
There must be 24/7 access to the parking bays with charge points
Sufficient power must be available dependant on the charge points
The charge point must be available to all POLAR members, not just customers of the garage


How much will it cost my garage?
Chargemaster will install the unit free of charge, including bay marking, signage and the cost of the units. They will also maintain the unit at their own cost.

The power to the unit will generally come out of the existing supply to the garage so any energy cost will be part of your standard energy bill. Garages have the choice of charging Chargemaster back for any energy usage which is then passed on to the customer, or to pay for this themselves as an added incentive to electric car drivers. Chargemaster can advise you on the benefits of both solutions. The garage will be responsible for any costs of charging customer’s vehicles as part of a vehicle service.


How long does it take?
Chargemaster will visit your garage for a free site survey to investigate the proposed work. Depending on the complexity of the work, an installation will take around 4 working days and the Chargemaster installers will ensure that there is minimum disruption to your site.


For more information about AA Garage Guide click here and for more information about our Certified Programme which will give you access to all these benefits click here.