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AA raising standards in the Industry awarding 100% Certified pass

The AA Garage Guide is extremely proud to have been able to award three of its Certified garages within the network a perfect 100% inspection score.


As a nationwide network of more than 5,000 independent garages and franchise dealerships, each with qualified technicians and engineers and offering impeccable customer service, the AA Garage Guide with its Certified programme is helping to raise industry standards in terms of quality of workmanship, safety and customer transparency.


Independent Garage Association (IGA) member, Car Services Ltd in Grimsby and GSF Motor Works in Battersea are two of the three AA-Certified garages to receive 100% passes from their recent annual inspections.


The AA Garage Guide carries out annual inspections on each Certified garage to help firms improve on potential problem areas within the services they provide. The Certified inspection team works through a thorough 90-point inspection checklist to make sure each garage is maintaining and improving its day-to-day standards for Britain’s motorists.


Consequently, the AA Garage Guide Certification is fast becoming recognised by our Members, with many more choosing garages that carry the AA branding as they know what to expect from an AA-Certified garage.


Mima Rybanska, Head of the AA Certified programme, said: “We are so pleased that GSF Motor Works and Car Services Grimsby worked closely with us to achieve the 100% pass rate. We are committed to helping garages pass our inspection; it is not something a garage should feel that it must take on alone and without guidance.”


Owner of GSF Motor Works, Yannis Papalexopoulos said: It was our mission to improve on last year’s inspection score as we are committed to continuous improvement with our practices, we are very happy with the 100% pass we got this year, and will work hard to maintain this, we believe the AA Certified status is the strongest accreditation to have in the Industry.


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The benefits of being involved in the AA Certified Programme 


    • Receive enhanced listings on the AA Garage Guide website
      As an AA Certified garage, you’ll benefit from an enhanced listing on the nationwide AA Garage Guide network. This prominent listing will display that you have been inspected and certified by the AA to motorists searching for garages in your area.


    • Display your AA Certified Garage framed certificate on-site
      Once you’ve passed your AA Certified inspection, you’ll receive a framed certificate to display on-site, along with a ‘Proud to be part of the AA Garage Guide’ plaque and your framed ‘Garage Promise’.


    • Digital AA-Certified branding assets for your website and social media
      Use your AA Certified digital branding as your Google Plus profile image or on social media channels to reinforce your skills and experience.


  • Demonstrate your commitment to exceptional customer service by adhering to the AA Garage Promise
    By agreeing to the AA Garage Promise you can demonstrate a three-pronged commitment to each customer in terms of: customer transparency, quality of work and customer confidence.

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