AA Guide Price Boosts booking conversion and reduces quoting time

AA Garage Guide, the online search and booking site that puts quality first, says that its new service Guide Price system, launched in June this year, has already been adopted by a significant proportion of its vast UK network of 4,900 garages.


Guide Price automates quotations for servicing work and displays the results alongside each opted-in garage’s details, allowing motorists to understand which service is due and the expected cost once they have submitted their vehicle registration details into the Garage Guide website.


Quotations are based on the user’s vehicle mileage which is calculated by an algorithm. They can then either confirm this automatic selection, or choose another service based on actual mileage. The website also shows motorists what’s typically included within the service.


“Our research has shown that motorists are more likely to have confidence to book online when they can see a price and what it includes,” said Olli Astley, AA Garage Guide Director. “Besides encouraging the motorist to book online, Guide Price also helps garages automate their

servicing quotations, saving them valuable time.”

Guide Price has been built to also ensure garages retain flexibility. They can amend the proposed price, or simply accept it, once they are ready to confirm the booking


Guide Price is generated by integrating data from manufacturer service intervals, service times, parts prices, standard labour times and garage labour rates. It can be switched on or off immediately, making it easy for garages to trial it.


The AA Guide Price tool makes the service quoting process simpler and brings confidence back for garages and motorist using online platforms boosting booking conversion.

Key Benefits:

– It can be switched on or off immediately

– Very simple to use

– Flexible

– Is free for all garages to use who have an active profile on the AA Garage Guide

– It is available for Independent garages, Franchised Dealerships and Authorised repairers

– Data covers cars and vans for all major manufacturers


If you would like Guide Price switched on for your business contact the team on 0333 1223 700


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Manchester independent Renovo Autocentres Ltd are amongst those who’ve already activated Guide Price. They’ve seen positive results, in both increased booking conversion rate and reduced time spent responding to quotes.

Manager Zeeshan Ahmad said: “We love AA’s guide price: it’s a well-structured system which saves us a lot of time, as we no longer need to input individual prices for servicing each of the different vehicle manufacturers and models. 
“We’ve even started using it in-house as a template for all jobs in the garage!”

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