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Renovo Autocentre Q&A on the AA’s Guide Price for Servicing – January 2018 

“We found a 70% of enquires would make an informed decision and book their service within the same call”

Manchester based Independent – Renovo Autocentre, became AA Certified in June 2017 and have been on the first garages to adopt the new Guide Price service pricing tool from the AA.

We held a question and answer session with the owner, Zeeshan Ahmed in January 2018. Here is what he said about using the new pricing tool.


Is Guide Price saving you time quoting?

The new pricing tool has been such a life saver for our administration and office staff, we no longer have to spend time on every enquiry searching the best price for parts and materials.


What have the benefits to the business been so far?

It’s almost like have an additional office person taking enquiry for us without the cost of one.


Is the tool accurate, are you having to amend it much?

I have admittedly found that in servicing if a vehicle had a lifetime fuel filter fitted and was not required to be changed the guide price was still calculating this into the costing so just before accepting these jobs would make adjustments to lower the price accordingly.
To be honest the guide price has never been lower than we expected or calculated, so we have never had to increase the price.


Does it work for all vehicles, or do you find you still need to provide quotes for specialist vehicles?

The key to the pricing tool is that it does not determine pricing based on the make or model of your vehicle or it age but more the engine size and fuel type. Some exception to hybrid vehicles and those with specialist spark plugs or oils but overall it works well for our business.


Can you tell us more about the in-house template you have developed with it?

We loved this pricing tool so much we have implemented it into our business from website to our CRM software to a simple Wall chart poster for customer to see our prices.


Have you had any customer feedback?

It gives a customer the opportunity to again make a decision or comparisons to any other price they may well have seen or given from any other garage. If the customer is happy with the overall price it give us a opportunity to check all the prices are in order and we happy to make any changes if necessary before committing to the price.


Has it aided booking conversion?

Previously this was the hardest thing we tackled when pricing so many different customer vehicle enquiries and never could find a way to work it out any faster. Enquiries are now so much faster and easier when receiving calls
“we found a 70% of enquires would make an informed decision and book there services within the same call”
Fixed pricing structure is far easier to work with than having to work each enquiry individually. For the Customer fixed pricing is much more better, clearer and honest.

What is your advice to garages considering to try using it?

The Guide Price system is fantastic and is 95% accurate to the price we would have offered, had we worked the prices ourselves and saves so much time. Initially I was unsure of how accurate this worked and double checked to make sure there was no mistake and was impressed. It really is another time saving tool.


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