Summer Budget 2015: potential changes to the MOT


On 8 July 2015, Chancellor George Osborne revealed his summer budget for 2015 which contained some proposals which may effect motorists. Here we have extracted the 3 points that may impact motorists:

Changes to Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)  ‘car tax’

George Osborne stated that due to the advancement of technology, three in four motorists now do not have to pay VED. However from 2017 new bands will be created for new car buyers – zero, standard and premium. There will be no change to Vehicle Excise Duty for existing vehicles, but most new cars will come with a standard VED charge of £140. Electric cars will still be free from paying any VED. The money raised has been promised to go towards the Roads Fund to pay for investment to improve British roads.

Fuel Duty remains frozen

Road users will be happy to hear that fuel duty has been once again frozen and will not rise.

MOT at four years?

The government will consider extending the MOT due date of a new vehicle by one year. Currently most new vehicles have their first MOT after three years, but the government will deliberate whether this should change to four years for cars and motorbikes.