AA Ready To Help With Your Electric Cars


Some 15% of AA Members are said to be considering purchasing a hybrid vehicle, while a further 8% are looking to buy a Plug-in hybrid or Electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are no longer the future of road vehicles, they are very much the present. However, there are stories abound of Electric vehicle owners struggling to find trained technicians to work on this new breed of cars.

Fortunately, almost two-thirds (58%) of all AA member garages surveyed by the AA Garage Guide have at least one member of staff trained on the repair of hybrid and electric vehicles.
Furthermore, according to Zap Map, the number of charging points and locations across the UK for electric vehicles has risen from 11,000 last February to over 15,000 by April 2018; helping to keep electric vehicle owners moving.

AA patrol vehicles are now EV-enabled
The UK’s infrastructure for electric vehicles is rapidly improving. At the AA, we’re ready to help you with your electric car should it encounter any problems on the road. Our patrol vehicles that operate up and down the nation’s highways are now EV-enabled and carry a POLAR RFID to all emergency call-outs from electric vehicle owners.

A commitment to preparing AA Certified garages for repairs and servicing of electric vehicles
We’re also working hard to harness our partnerships with the IMI and Chargemaster to ensure AA Certified garages and Franchise Dealerships can accept electric vehicles for periodic servicing and repairs.

The IMI has recently enhanced its training packages to incorporate High Voltage safety training for technicians to enhance their knowledge of working with electric vehicles. All AA-approved garages on the AA Garage Guide will be given access to electric vehicle training at discounted rates.

A plan is also in place for all AA Certified garages to receive electric charging points from Chargemaster, giving electric vehicle owners greater choice to charge their cars prior to long journeys at the most convenient location. These new charging points will also increase driver awareness of AA Certified garages and their electric vehicle capabilities.

Latest projections suggest there could be as many as one million electric vehicles on the UK’s roads by the turn of the next decade, with battery ranges increasing and vehicle prices declining. Last June marked the 100,000th registration of a Plug-in electric vehicle in the UK and the development of electric cars in the UK is continuing to ramp up.

Many cities across the country are embracing the use of electric vehicles as a means of improving the wider environment. Milton Keynes already boasts 200 charging points, over a quarter of which are rapid chargers. Free parking is also offered throughout the city for all electric vehicles.

Olli Astley, managing director of Garage Services at The AA, said: “The feedback we received both from our garage network and the Garage Wire readership shows the enthusiasm that’s out there for making sure that garages can cater to all of their customers’ needs.”

Find your nearest  garage with electric charging points
To locate the nearest garage with an electric charging point to your current location, simply visit The AA Garage Guide. All approved garages listed on-site will display whether they have charging points on their unique profiles.