AA Certified Garages Can Now Help With Your Breakdown Repair Cover Claims


There comes a time for many motorists when their vehicles require more than a simple roadside fix from an engineer. For those who need replacement parts to be fitted at a garage, these are unexpected costs that need to be factored in to your everyday budget. That’s why the AA came up with Breakdown Repair Cover, keeping your vehicle’s repair costs to a minimum. For just £35 excess per claim, you can claim for up to £500 worth of repairs made at the roadside or at your nearest AA-certified garage.

The policy covers you for five claims per year. All that’s required is to pay the £35 excess for each claim you make. All our Certified garages and Franchise Dealerships have agreed to assist our Members with their Breakdown Repair Cover. Each time you need to make a claim for repairs with an AA-certified garage, simply call us before the work begins to register the claim. Your claims advisor will let you know of your nearest Certified garage where the works can be undertaken at no additional cost to you. All the costs incurred after this point are handled between us and the Certified garage.

Our AA-certified garages have agreed to help ensure all AA Members who break down are sufficiently looked after. Not only will your nearest Certified garage assist with repair and parts replacements if necessary, they can also help with vehicle recovery, providing it is within reasonable reach of their premises.

The benefits of AA Breakdown Repair Cover

  • Policies cover all vehicles
    AA’s Breakdown Repair Cover is eligible for all vehicles of any age, make and mileage.
  • Covers up to six claims per year if you cover more than one vehicle
    AA’s Breakdown Repair Cover permits up to five claims per year on a single vehicle policy and six claims per year for joint or family policies covering multiple vehicles.
  • Covers the replacement of all faulty mechanical and electrical parts
    AA’s Breakdown Repair cover saves you money on the most common causes of breakdowns: faulty mechanical and electrical parts. For just £35 excess you can get new starter motors (£209), radiators (£210) and alternators (£277) within a single claim.
  • Easily added onto existing AA insurance policies
    All that you need to do to add Breakdown Repair Cover to your existing policy is call 0343 316 4444 to receive a quote and update your policy.
  • Important things to bear in mind
    AA Breakdown Repair Cover cannot be used to repair pre-existing faults
    No claims can be made within the first 14 days of your AA Breakdown Repair Cover policy