What to do if your MOT has expired


Nearly a quarter of motorists who have signed-up to check their MOT due date discover it is about to or has already expired.

If your MOT has expired we can help you choose a garage approved by the DVSA to carry out MOT tests, so you can book your MOT online quickly, easily and with peace of mind.

Can I drive my vehicle without a valid MOT?

Driving without a valid MOT is an illegal offence and can carry some serious penalties. However if your MOT has expired you are permitted to drive your vehicle as long as it is to a pre-arranged MOT appointment. Book your MOT appointment quickly and easily through our quick online booking process.

What is the fine for driving without a valid MOT?

If you are caught driving without a valid MOT certificate you could be fined up to £1000. Without a valid MOT your motor insurance will also be void which could incur further penalties including, 6-8 points on your license and even a discretionary disqualification.

Avoid the risk and book your MOT today or find out your MOT expiry date.