Find out my vehicle’s MOT due date

MOT Advice

Check your vehicle’s MOT due date for free

Your MOT due date is one of the most important dates to remember when you own a car, but its one of the most frequently forgotten. If you’re not sure what your MOT expiry date is, you can check your MOT date for free.

You just need your vehicle’s registration number (the number plate) and our clever Automyze system will check when the MOT is due for you.
It can also tell you when the next service, according to the manufacturer’s service schedule, is due and what that might cost.

Check your MOT date and book online with great garages

To make it even easier, you can store the MOT due date by signing up for a free Automyze account, and we will then remind you, for free when its due, with local offers from great garages.

Find out more about Automyze. Sign-up for free and benefit from these great time-saving features.

Check your MOT date and set up free reminders