Help With Service Pricing


When the time comes to service your vehicle, it can be an uncertain time. It’s increasingly difficult to know just how much you’ll need to fork out to keep your car running smoothly. Getting a vehicle through its MOT is one thing, but choosing the right garage to conduct an interim or full service – which delves deeper into your vehicle’s condition – is a very important decision; one which could cost you more money than you need to spend if you get it wrong.

Introducing the Service Guide Price system

Fortunately, there is a solution that helps motorists and garages alike. Alongside the development of our vast nationwide network of 4,900 approved garages, we have been designing a new Service Guide Price system, designed to accurately quote likely service fees dependent upon motorists’ vehicle mileage and manufacturer.

Our new Guide Price system for servicing automates quotations for servicing work, carried out at garages near you, displaying the likely costs against each opted-in garage.

Once you input your vehicle’s registration into the system, it will display which type of service is due on your vehicle and the costs you will likely incur. All quotations are based on vehicle mileage,  part costs, and a garage’s labour time which triggers the system’s in-built algorithm to display accurate quotes.

You can either accept and book in the system’s automatic selection or select another type of service based on mileage. The platform informs you what’s typically involved in each level of service.

It’s important to note that the garages involved can amend the proposed quotation, based on their own labour times and labour rates, or accept the price and confirm the booking with you.

Our very own research has shown that motorists are more likely to book their next vehicle service online if they can see prospective quotes and gain an understanding of what the price includes. It is hoped that the system will improve efficiencies for motorists too by automating much of the administrative work for garages; saving our approved technicians valuable time to work on your vehicles.

Why book with The AA’s network of independent garages and Franchise Dealerships?

  • Gain access to industry-accredited garages near you, with trained professional technicians waiting to look after your vehicle.
  • Book your car service online in three easy steps and pay later at the garage, with free cancellation available.
  • A full range of car service deals and repair options available.
  • All work undertaken by an AA garage is digitally recorded into your free Automyze online account. The account includes other useful tools such as MOT due-date, vehicle tax and servicing reminders and car cost calculators.

Our new car service Guide Price system can put your mind at rest about the cost of upcoming work on your vehicle. All that’s left is to choose the right garage or dealership for you, based on price, location or expertise.

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