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Why should I regularly service my Volvo ?

VolvoVolvo have been making cars since 1924, this Swedish company was named from the latin “I roll” which refers to the rolling of a bearing as that was what Volvo originally made prior to creating cars. For some years they remained a little under the radar as far as the British market were concerned but since the 80s have been a staple on our roads. Famous in those early days for making incredibly safe and solid cars Volvo is now also known for style, reliability and high quality workmanship. The XC90 has become one of the most sought after SUVs on the market while the V40,V60 and V70 offer those who need family and business cars a subtle yet high end alternative to many of the German brands. Reliability and safety are still important reasons why people buy Volvos and for many owners keeping the car in good working order to maintain this standard is paramount. A well serviced Volvo will keep being the car it was meant to be for many years, a poorly serviced one will inevitably suffer. Volvo servicing is essential and the schedule set by the manufacturer should be carefully followed. AA Garage Guide Garages offer a wide range of Volvo servicing options to help make sure your car works as it was intended.

AA Garage Guide Garages

When searching for a centre for your Volvo Service AA Garage Guide Garages offer a level of service that is second to none. Carefully vetted and selected our service centres not only look after your Volvo but also look after you. Customer service is not just about being polite, it is about making sure the customer is well informed about the work needed or the type of service being done so they feel confident and in control. Too many poor quality garages try to hoodwink customers and baffle them with mechanical terms, you can be sure AA Garage Guide Garages will make sure you are in the driving seat of your car’s servicing.

Volvo Servicing

There are many reason why you should make sure your Volvo is serviced regularly. One of the most important is safety. A well maintain car is far less likely to suffer a mechanical issue that could put you and your passengers at risk either whilst driving or causing a breakdown on a busy road. Another very important, but often ignored, reason to maintain the Volvo servicing schedule is to keep the residual value of the car intact. Nothing quite gets a buyers attention on the used car market like a full service history and AA Garage guide Garages are selected to make sure they can keep your service book stamped.

Volvo Service Costs

A good service is very rarely a cheap service. That is not to say all servicing is expensive, but it is important to avoid choosing the garage based purely on low price. Cheap servicing for your Volvo could leave you at risk of poor workmanship and potential costs further down the line. AA Garage Guide garages are able to offer the full range of Volvo servicing options at costs to suit most budgets. With Volvo services starting from £32 the AA Garage Guide Garages will make sure your car stays in good shape. Whether you drive a V70 or an S60 our service centres will make sure you do not pay more than you need to while at the same time giving you a top notch service.

The Work

AA Garage Guide Garages use much of the same equipment, tools and parts as a main Volvo dealership would. In fact many of the standards they work to are the ones set by Volvo themselves. This means you know you care will get the same level of care as it would at a Volvo dealership. In 2003 the EU stopped manufacturers from invalidating owners’ warranties if they chose to have their car serviced anywhere other than a main dealer. Thankfully this gave owners the freedom to select a garage of their choice and still keep their warranty intact. The downside of this was that many poor quality garages suddenly got what was once dealership only work. If you need to select a garage for your Volvo service choose an AA Garage Guide Garage and avoid the danger of bad quality servicing.

Volvo Parts

To correctly service and repair your Volvo a garage should only use OE equivalent or official Volvo parts. Sadly many garages use cheap parts to save money for the owner and themselves. This can often prove a false economy as these cheaper parts do not meet the standards of Volvo parts and could end up breaking again far sooner. AA Garage Guide Garages not only use much of the same technology as Volvo garages but offer the same or OE equivalent parts, this means your repair work will be as good as if Volvo had done it themselves.

Use the AA Garage Guide Today

Whatever your Volvo servicing needs and whatever model of Volvo you own, search for your local garage using the AA Garage Guide and drive your car safe in the knowledge all work and servicing done on it was done correctly.

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