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Why should I regularly service my Mini ?

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Keeping you Mini serviced properly may not always seem necessary, you may be tempted to think it is running well so there is no need. This is a common mistake and the reasons for regular servicing are many. The main point is that by keeping your servicing up to date on your Mini you will reduce the risk of it breaking down.

It is never nice to be stuck on the side of a road but on a cold wet night it can be very dangerous as well as annoying. Regular servicing at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer will make sure everything is checked and changed when it needs to be.

Mini Service Cost

Choosing the right garage for your Mini repairs or servicing can be tricky. Choosing one based on cost can mean you get a poor level of service or worse a poor level of workman ship and corner cutting. The best way to choose the right garage is to use our AA Garage Guide, our Garages are selected for the quality of work and the knowledge they have about Minis.


Service Type Average Cost
Full Service £152
Interim Service with MOT £144
MOT £34

AA Garage Guide Garages

All the garage that appear when you search using the AA Garage Guide have been checked and vetted to make sure you not only get great customer care but you also get a level of service you could only normally expect from a main dealership. By using the AA Garage Guide you will find a Garage that can service your Mini in the way it was meant to be done, with care, love and attention.

Mini Servicing and Repairs

A good quality service can also highlight any larger potential issues that may need repairing before they actually cause an issue. Keeping your Mini serviced can also help keep fuel economy figures as good as they can be, by changing air and fuel filters as well as oil and coolant you will be ensuring your engine is purring along as it should and not struggling for air. Another important point is that nothing says “buy me” on the used car market quite like a full service history. So help keep the residual value of the car intact and keep you Mini servicing up to date.

The Work

In 2003 the EU changed the law that allowed manufacturers to invalidate a car’s warranty if servicing was carried out anywhere but one of their own dealerships. This change is legislation allowed other garages to be able to work on cars under warranty and the owners would not have to worry about damaging the agreement. This was great news for owners but it did lead to almost any garage being able to offer you servicing for your Mini without having to meet any set standards. AA Garage Guide Garages are not only able to service your Mini but they work to the very high standards set by BMW and Mini themselves. This means you can rest assured you are keeping your warranty intact but also getting a level of technical knowledge and experience you simply would not find outside of a main dealership.

Mini Parts

Making sure you Mini servicing is kept up to date is important but when it comes to repair the types of parts used is just as critical. Many garages offer cheap parts that are made to fit Minis but not made to the manufacturers’ specifications in terms of strength and quality. AA Garage Guide Garages will offer parts recommended or approved by the manufacturers or OE equivalent part. This once again means your beloved Mini will run better and run longer as well as holding its used car value better.

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If your service light has come on, or you know your Mini is due for a service then use the AA Garage Guide to find a centre near you home or work and get in touch today.

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