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Why should I regularly service my Mercedes ?

If any car brand represents everything that is great and good about German engineering it is Mercedes Benz. No other manufacturer conjures up quite the same images of power, luxury, racing pedigree and also of solid, reliable and long lasting cars for families, business people and power enthusiasts alike. Mercedes have also always been at the forefront of technology with Carl Benz actually awarded a patent for his 3 wheeled self-propelled motorwagen in 1886! Since then Mercedes have always made sure owners got the very best in terms of in car technology and engine design. Keeping a Mercedes going is very simple, keep it well serviced. As a brand Mercedes cars are known for running trouble free for years but ignoring servicing dates and warning lights can certainly reduce the odds of this being the case. AA Garage Guide Garages offer a range of Mercedes servicing options to help make sure your trusty Benz keeps going as it should.

AA Garage Guide Garages

The range of service centres you will find using the AA Garage Guide are all carefully chosen based on a wide selection of checks and assessments. This is to make sure that when using the guide you get to choose from the very best local garages for your Mercedes service. AA Garage Guide Garages offer a level of knowledge, experience and customer service that you would struggle to find elsewhere.

Why Is Servicing Important

Manufacturers set regular service intervals very carefully. These are designed to meet certain tolerances and lifespans of parts of things like oil or coolants. By servicing your Mercedes at the correct times you will not only help maintain the car in working order, but also keep your MPG figures up and avoid having any road side breakdowns. A well serviced car is a safe car; avoiding spending any time waiting for assistance on a motorway or major road is important but also having a regular checked car will give you the peace of mind that it will not suffer a mechanical problem while you are driving along. It is also worth noting that a full service history can help maintain the residual value of the car too. Nothing says “buy me” on the used car market like a fully stamped service book!

Mercedes Service Costs

A cheap service is very rarely a good service. Basing your choice of service centre on low cost may well lead to problems further down the line. To maintain a Mercedes as it should be the garage you chose should be qualified to deal with your car and also offer honest and open customer service so you know where you are in terms of cost, parts and work. AA Garage Guide garages offer all types of Mercedes Servicing at costs suited to most budgets. Prices start from £32 depending on what model you drive. So whether you have a smart little A Class or a heart stopping AMG SLS our service centres are able to help.

Servicing and Repairs

Making sure the right quality of work is carried out when you put your Mercedes in for a service or any repair work is important. Many garages are unable to offer the right level of know how or the right diagnostic tools to properly deal with Mercedes cars. AA Garage guide garages work to the very exacting standards set by Mercedes Benz themselves, this means they use much of the same technology, tools and are trained to work on these technically advanced cars. They are also able to work on your car whilst it is in warranty without compromising the agreement.

The Parts

Making sure the right parts are used during any repair work and the right fluids and filters are used during servicing is a critical factor in keeping your Mercedes on the road and working well. Many cheaper garages will use cheap parts during repairs. These parts may not last as long or perform as well as OE equivalent or original parts. AA Garage Guide Garages offer OE equivalent or Mercedes approved parts during repair and servicing work. This means not only are you getting the work done to the standards you would expect at a main dealership, you are also getting the parts and equipment added to your car that you would if Mercedes were doing the work themselves.

Use the AA Garage Guide Today

If the time has come to book your SLK in for a service or the service indicator light has appeared on your E Class’s dashboard then search for a top quality garage with the know how to keep your Mercedes in tip top condition; use the AA Garage guide today.

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