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Why should I regularly service my Honda ?

When it comes to reliability and luxury no brand can ever really come close to Honda. With it’s long history, wide model range and frankly logic defying build quality Honda has been able to boast some of the best cars on the market for some years now. Whether you take the flexible and functional Civic in any of its many versions or you look at the larger Accord you will find the same quality and family friendly capabilities. But don’t be fooled into thinking Honda only make family cars; the supercar status of the original NSX and now the new hybrid version is well cemented as is the all-wheel drive brilliance of the tough and rugged CRV. Whatever Honda you drive whether it’s a Jazz or classic 90’s Prelude Honda servicing is something you have to address. Honda have servicing guidelines like all manufacturers but these guidelines are even more important to stick too when it comes to a super reliable brand like Honda. This may seem like a counter intuitive statement but keeping an already top quality car in shape with top quality servicing will only make it better and last even longer. AA Garage Guide garages are able to provide a wide range of Honda servicing for all models and all ages.

AA Garage Guide Garages

The AA Garage Guide is designed to offer a simple way to search for high quality and carefully vetted garages that are able to provide Honda servicing right across the range including all major and minor service interval work. Simply type in your post code and registration and choose from a number of garages in your area where you know your Honda will be well looked after.

Keeping your Honda Serviced

There are a number of important reasons to make sure you keep your Honda serviced at the right mileage or time intervals and these range from safety to resale value. A well serviced car is generally less likely to break down and anyone who has suffered a breakdown knows that spending time at the side of any road can be dangerous and unpleasant. Regular servicing reduces the risk of parts breaking that could have been checked and replaced during a check. You will also find that a full service history on any car will increase, or at least maintain, the residual value when and if you come to sell it on the used car market. It shows a potential owner that the car has been well cared for and is likely to be a good investment for years to come. A car with little or no service history will always be worth less in the eyes of any buyer including dealerships when trading in. It is certainly worth booking your Honda in for a service as soon as it is due and AA Garage Guide garages can make sure everything is done and checked as it should be.

Honda servicing Costs

The price of a service can vary greatly depending on the type of service needed and the model of Honda in question. AA Garage guide garages service costs are always carefully worked out to suit most budgets and start from £32. One thing that never changes though is the fact that a cheap service really isn’t likely to be a good one. Cutting corners on servicing costs is never a good idea; choosing the right garage for your Honda should be based on the knowhow of the technicians, customer service and general quality. All AA Garage Guide garages are qualified to work on all Honda models and offer the same level of knowledge as any main dealer would. Since 2003 legislation also meant that good quality garages can also work on your car without invalidating the warranty so not only can AA Garage Guide garages stamp your service book and make sure your Honda is serviced to a very high standard, they can also do so whilst maintaining your warranty.

Honda Parts

At various points in a car’s life it will need new parts. Even if it is just a new air filter there is no escaping the fact that things wear out and they need replacing. This puts customers in a tricky situation because many garages will offer cheap parts when a car needs something new. This can be a bad idea because often these parts do not last as long and may not fit quite as well as they should do. AA Garage guide garages offer genuine Honda or OE equivalent parts when replacing anything on your car so you can rest assured your Honda is getting the quality it deserves.

Start Searching Today

If your service light has come on, or you know your Honda is due a service soon then put your details into the AA Garage Guide search boxes and choose your local garage today. With a level of service you would only normally see from a main dealership but often at a lower cost AA Garage Guide garages are ready and waiting to service your Honda.

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