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Why should I regularly service my Ford ?

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There are a number of advantages to making sure you meet the Ford servicing requirements on time and within the stated mileage. The first is of course safety and reliability. Breaking down anywhere can be a worry, but breaking down on a busy road can be very dangerous. Keeping your Ford well looked after will minimise the risk of a breakdown and also the chance of any dangerous malfunctions occurring while driving.


As well as the obvious safety advantages, maintaining a car’s service history can also help keep the residual value high ready for the time you may choose to sell it on to another owner. No one likes a half completed service history so look for an AA garage guide garage and keep your paperwork looking good.

Ford Service Cost

Ford servicing can vary in cost a great deal and cheap is certainly not the best route to go down. A garage should be selected on quality and knowledge of the brand among other things like customer service and care. A cheap service can lead to a whole host of errors which for most people are not worth the risk.


Service Type Average Cost
Full Service £144
Full Service with MOT £174
Interim Service £105
Interim Service with MOT £140
MOT £36

AA Garage Guide Garages

The AA carefully check and vet all AA garage guide garages to make sure that when you come to service your Ford you know you are going to get treated well. This means you can be sure you will get a qualified mechanic working on your car who is trained to the standards you would expect at a main dealership and who knows the Ford servicing requirements backwards.

The Work

The work carried out during your Ford Service or repair is not only done well and correctly but also done to the standards set by Ford. The majority of our garages use Ford’s own guidelines and servicing requirements to make sure your car is worked on properly. In 2003 the EU banned manufacturers from invalidating warranties if the owner took their car to anywhere other than a main dealership.


This led to a whole host of garages offering almost new car servicing when they were not equipped to do so. Many AA garage guide garages use the computer software and follow the strict methods main dealerships do so you never have to worry about poor quality servicing again.

Ford Parts

If your Ford is in need of repair you are unlikely to ask the technician about what sort of parts they might use. You would be right to simply assume they were using the best they could. Sadly this is not the case and often garages will use poor quality parts when they should be using “OE” equivalent or original equipment parts.


AA Garage Guide garages not only use the correct computer equipment, tools and training for Ford but also the correct parts. This means your repair work and replacement Ford parts will last longer and be far less likely to break again; something that our customers find very reassuring.

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