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If you’re looking for a car manufacturer that’s revered around the world for its consistent build quality and safety, it’s Volvo. They are the vehicles to choose when you want unrivalled reliability and comfort on the road; their performance in their established range of models is excellent.

However, that doesn’t mean your Volvo doesn’t need servicing. It’s no use buying a car from a reliable brand like Volvo and not paying any attention to maintenance. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately for you, we’ve made servicing your Volvo easy by creating the AA Garage Guide list of approved garages. Quality exists on every page of the list – we won’t settle for less.

Do Volvo-approved parts need to be used?
If you’re servicing your Volvo as often as you should be, you should be replacing car parts with genuine like-for-like parts. These Original Equipment (OE) parts are manufactured by Volvo, for Volvo vehicles. They are the highest quality you can get and they beat cheaper knock-offs every time.

All AA Garage Guide-approved garages are required to supply genuine Volvo parts to secure their place on our list.

Important parts to maintain on your Volvo
Let’s take a quick look at the parts of your Volvo that may be susceptible to wear and tear or failure over time, from executive-style S90s to family-friendly XC40s.

Several Volvo models are particularly susceptible to excessive wear and tear in the rubber bushings, within the suspension joints. If you live in a particularly dry climate, this can accelerate the degradation of the bushings. You’ll know if the issue has developed when there are knocks and scrapes heard when the vehicle drives over road bumps.

Engine mounts
Some Volvo owners have been known to report rough idling of their vehicles, without misfiring. The cause of the rough idling is often found to be weak engine mounts. The mount at the very top of the engine tends to be most susceptible to failure, but the lower mounts are most likely to create the rough or fluctuating idling sensation.

Steering column
If you ever experience loose steering at the wheel of your Volvo, this should be seen to as a high priority. Some Volvo models experience excessive degradation in the lower connection between the steering rack and the steering column. Your AA Garage Guide-approved mechanics should be able to diagnose this easily and replace the lower steering column connector.

Dashboard warning lights
It’s quite possible for Volvo owners to experience persistent display of the SRS failure light on their dashboard. As an essential on-board safety system, it’s vital that you get this checked out by one of our approved garages. Nevertheless, in some instances this light is more of an indication of an electrical issue with the dashboard rather than the safety system itself.

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