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Your Volkswagen has served you well; time to say thanks with an AA Garage Guide approved service.

There’s no doubt that, as a manufacturer, Volkswagen is world-renowned for reliable, mid-range vehicles and more. They’re comfortable for short and long distance journeys, taking us to and from work, as well as overseas holidays. Both petrol and diesel Volkswagens are built to clock up considerable miles, but they will always benefit from periodic servicing to maintain its optimal performance.

We know from experience that the hardest part for many Volkswagen owners is to find a reputable mechanic and garage you can trust. That’s what we’re here for.

Do Volkswagen-approved parts need to be used?
As a general rule, it’s definitely worth doing so. Genuine Volkswagen parts are designed for the exact specifications of your vehicle. Although they can cost a little more than other parts, such as Original Equipment (OE) items, it can be a false economy purchasing the latter as they just won’t offer the same level of performance.

Volkswagens cost more when you avoid regular maintenance and servicing, there’s no two ways about it. With genuine, Volkswagen-approved replacement car parts – fitted by a trusted mechanic – you can be sure of keeping your vehicle on the road for longer.

Important parts to maintain on your Volkswagen
Let’s take a quick look at the parts of your Volkswagen that may be susceptible to wear and tear and failure over time, from super-sleek Sciroccos to family-friendly Touaregs.

Check Engine Light issues
A common fault with Volkswagens is to display the Check Engine light unnecessarily. However, this is often linked to a faulty coolant temperature sensor, causing the engine management system to let you know it thinks the engine is running cold. The outcome is a heavy fuel mixture and the continual appearance of the Check Engine light.

Valve cover gaskets
Oil leaks are quite a regular occurrence with Volkswagens. Valve cover gaskets are often one of the first places where a leak may appear. However, the cam seals at both ends of the vehicle’s cylinder head are also susceptible to failing and may require new seals upon servicing.

Suspension on front wheel drive VWs
A frequent issue with front wheel drive Volkswagen models is the irritating clunking noise when turning corners. The suspension strut often requires rotating upon servicing to correct the car’s steering. Sometimes the strut’s bearing and the bushing will degrade over time and replacing the bushing will resolve the issue nine times out of ten.

Mid-section muffler bracket
In some cases, VW owners will complain of a rattling under the middle of the car whilst driving. The most likely cause is a broken mid-section muffler bracket. This doesn’t always have to be replaced; a mechanic may be able to weld the broken section. If you’re experiencing a rattle in that area, get it seen to as soon as possible to avoid lasting damage to the exhaust.

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