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Your Vauxhall is one of the most popular motors on the UK’s roads today. The range has come a long way in recent years, with new models such as the Mokka X and Insignia Grand Sport breathing new life into the brand.

Nevertheless, old or new, all Vauxhalls need taking care of. AA Garage Guide-approved mechanics and garages are your best bet to maintain the performance and longevity of your vehicle. We’ve taken the liberty of creating a free-of-charge tool to make your servicing schedule easy to stick to. Say goodbye to uncertain and frustrating attempts at finding a garage you can trust – we’ve got you covered.

Do Vauxhall-approved parts need to be used?
We’ll always recommend that you do so, regardless of manufacturer. Vauxhall-approved car parts are produced by the same people that made your car in the first place. They carry the brand’s promise of quality and reliability and Vauxhall is no exception.

You can’t cut corners on maintaining cars. Believe us, we know! If you’re serious about looking after your Vauxhall and staying safe on the road, approved parts are your best bet.

Important parts to maintain on your Vauxhall
Let’s take a quick look at the parts of your Vauxhall that may be susceptible to failure and degradation over time, from affordable Astras to child-friendly Merivas.

Air mass meter
If you’re experiencing your Vauxhall beginning to splutter and stutter, there’s one common reason why you’re no longer enjoying such a smooth ride. The air mass sensor is well-known to be a common point of failure in Vauxhalls, particularly Astras. The air mass meter provides data to the ECU to control the mix of air and fuel in the vehicle. If this sensor is faulty the engine’s performance will naturally be affected.

Crankshaft seal
Do you find that your vehicle begins to shake and judder when you use the clutch? It’s quite possible you have an issue with the crankshaft seal. Another sure-fire way to check whether the crankshaft seal is broken is to check the ground where your vehicle is parked for sizeable oil spillages. Don’t wait to repair this part – if left too long, a poorly-lubricated crankshaft could cause serious damage to the engine.

Internal electrics
Vauxhalls have notorious issues with their electronics. Whether you’ve noticed faulty internal lights and electrical windows or even intermittent headlamps, it’s always best to get the internal electrics checked out by someone who knows best. Problem electrical parts can be easily replaced, but bear in mind that this can come with a hefty price tag.

Starter motor
Have you noticed that your Vauxhall’s engine is taking longer to utilise its full power when putting the key in the ignition? It’s quite likely that you have an issue with the starter motor. Your approved mechanic might be able to resolve the poor ignition by cleaning the sludge from the motor’s contacts. The worst case scenario is a complete replacement of the starter motor.

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