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Mini’s are loved by millions. Their nimble motors were originally made popular by the famous Italian Job film. Since then, minis have evolved into nippy, smart modern vehicles. If you own one, you’ll probably agree they’re great fun to drive as they grip so well to the road and corner well. It’s not surprising so many are won over by their distinctive charms.

However, if you want your Mini to pack a punch, you need to take good care of it. When the time comes to have it serviced, it’s important you go to a place you can trust. That’s why we’ve put together the AA Garage Guide to help make your decision easy, with the nearest approved garages to you with the most reliable and trusted mechanics.

Minis need TLC just as much as the next manufacturer, so you should always be looking to service your car regularly.

Do Mini-approved parts need to be used?
We will always recommend original manufacturer parts where replacement car parts for your Mini are concerned. You need your Mini to be reliable and like-for-like replacement car parts offer that in abundance.

Important parts to maintain on your Mini
Let’s take a quick look at some of the areas of your Mini that may be susceptible to damage or deterioration over time, whether it’s a punchy modern Cooper or a vintage model.

Electric power steering
The pumps for your Mini’s electric power steering are prone to failing over time. If your power steering pump ever needs replacing, it’s also recommended that you ask your garage or approved mechanic to assess the cooling fan and other parts near the pump while that area of the vehicle is being repaired.

Automatic transmission issues can occur, since manufacturers often state their transmissions don’t require fluid changes. However, with Minis, it’s a good idea to replace the transmission fluid every 40,000 miles. The five-speed automatic transmissions tend to go for longer than the CVT transmissions fitted prior to 2008 – something to bear in mind.

Water pump and thermostat
This is particularly relevant for Mini owners with vehicles with more than 50,000 miles on the clock. If so, you should consider periodically replacing both the thermostat and the water pump. This will potentially save you a bundle in labour costs if you can change them before any possible leakages.

Brake pads
A Mini’s brake pads are susceptible to rusting fast if they are left outside unused for a considerable period. You’ll probably notice that the pads will start squeaking when you use the vehicle. Consistent heavy braking can sometimes ease the rust off the pads, but often the damage may be permanent and the pads – and often the discs – will need replacing together.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT)
A common issue with Minis when their oil isn’t changed frequently enough. Old oil can cause sludge to build up in tiny passages of the system, leading to performance issues with the VVT. An oil change should solve this issue – and don’t let your pride and joy go so long without an oil change next time!

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