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We all could do with being a little kinder to our motors. There’s no doubt your Ford will have served you well to date – it’s one of the most reliable car brands on the market. But even the best vehicles require regular servicing.

Fortunately for you, the AA Garage Guide makes things easier for you. We all know horror stories of poor services and unreliable garages. That’s why the AA guide gives you a range of approved garages and mechanics that we trust – and you can too.

Do Ford-approved parts need to be used?
Purchasing genuine Ford parts that are made to measure for your Ford vehicle is always the best policy. Reliability is vital for your car. While you might not want to pay much for your replacement parts, buying cheaper replacements is often a false economy.

Original Equipment (OE) parts are designed to provide optimum performance for your Ford, keeping you and other road users safe. Cheaper car parts tend to fail quicker, resulting in you having to pay even more for additional parts than if you’d bought OE parts in the first place.

Important parts to maintain on your Ford
Let’s take a quick look at the parts of your Audi that may be susceptible to wear and tear or failure over time, from zippy Zetecs to mid-range Mondeos.

In several Ford models there are transmission issues, creating a range of sounds at the wheel ranging from whining to banging. In some instances, your trusted mechanic might be able to reprogram the powertrain, but in other cases a complete replacement may be necessary.

Fuel pumps
If your Ford is beginning to experience increasing temperatures in the engine, or even a loss of power when the vehicle is under stress, you’re likely to have a faulty fuel pump. These have been known to lead to traction and engine problems in Fords and you simply can’t afford to mess around with the engine. A replacement pump may be pricey but wholly worth it.

Dashboard warning lights
Keep your eyes peeled for intermittent flashing of warning lights on your Ford’s dashboard. Known errors with the ABS sensor lights can activate fault lights even if there’s nothing wrong. With periodic servicing, your trusted garage should be able to provide you with peace of mind.

Power steering
Over time, the power steering on some Ford models can become heavy. If you begin to hear groaning and creaking noises from the wheel when turning corners slowly, it’s possible you’ll need to invest in a replacement rack.

Door latches
Ford models dating back to 2008 are renowned for having the propensity to leak water. Regularly check the door latches and test the seals to ensure they remain watertight.

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