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You’re in love with your BMW and it’s easy to see why. They are sleek and sophisticated vehicles. However, you’re probably reading this because the time has come to get serious about keeping your BMW in safe and efficient working order.

BMWs are world-renowned for their supreme performance and build quality, but they need care and attention just like any other motor. Look no further than the AA Garage Guide to point you towards trusted, expert mechanics at the best garages throughout the UK.

Do BMW-approved parts need to be used?
We will always recommend that you purchase genuine car parts made by your vehicle’s manufacturer, but it’s doubly important with BMWs. They are top-end cars and deserve the utmost care and servicing to maintain their supreme performance.
Genuine BMW parts are designed specifically for your BMW model by the experts themselves; you simply can’t beat that for reliability.

Important parts to maintain on your BMW
Let’s take a quick look at the parts of your BMW that may be susceptible to failure and degradation over time, from 1 Series starter models to luxury X5 family-friendly vehicles.

Coil packs
The failure of coil packs is particularly common in the 1 Series range. If you smell petrol or experience sudden and unexpected moves in the temperature of your engine it’s likely that the coil pack has failed. A faulty coil pack may also cause your BMW’s engine to misfire, so it’s important that the pack is seen to and replaced quickly if necessary.

Engine thermostats
In some cases, BMW owners tend to experience the engine overheating too. In the 5 Series in particular, the engine’s thermostat has been known to fail. This must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid causing long-term damage to the engine as a whole.

Engine management
The Check Engine light is often known to appear on BMW dashboards, sometimes for no reason other than a faulty engine management system. However, sometimes it’s also an indicator that fuel injectors, ignition modules or even the clutch might need replacing. Don’t ignore a Check Engine light; get an approved BMW mechanic to give your vehicle the once over for peace of mind.

Bear in mind that your BMW’s alloy wheels are most susceptible to damage when you’re running 19-inch run flat tyres. The alloys, even when brushed against a kerb, can crack easily. The upshot is that a cracked alloy can cause a slow, unforeseen tyre puncture, so make sure you get any damaged alloys seen to pronto.

Internal electrics
It’s not uncommon for BMW owners to report electrical malfunctions with various car parts such as electric-operated windows and even windscreen wipers. The issues will vary from model to model but your approved BMW mechanic will almost certainly have experienced and resolved similar issues in the past.

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