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If your car needs a service and you’re wishing you’d taken more care of that lovely Audi in the meantime, don’t panic. With an AA Garage Guide approved service your car can get its very own doctor’s check-up to maintain its performance and efficiency on the road.

Audi’s are high-performing motors and therefore need regular attention, but by staying on top of wear and tear you can keep long-term costs down. We know from experience that it’s difficult for many Audi owners to locate a reputable mechanic and garage you can trust. That’s what we’re here for.

Do Audi-approved parts need to be used?
Genuine Audi parts of the best quality and Original Equipment (OE) parts are available at any AA Garage Guide-approved location. Generic car part replacements will work but skimping on these is an unnecessary risk to take on your vehicle.

We know from experience that the savings on generic parts aren’t worth it. It’s better to spend more on OE parts that are tailor-made by Audi for your vehicle, ensuring the best possible performance and safety for you and other road users.

Important parts to maintain on your Audi
Let’s take a quick look at the parts of your Audi that may be susceptible to degradation and failure over time, from terrific TTs to unquestionably comfy Q7s.

Exhaust leaks
A number of Audi models are built with flexible joints between the down-pipe and catalytic converters in the exhaust. Over time, these joints are at risk of degradation and can begin to leak over time. Leaking exhausts can lead to poor cat efficiency, triggering 02 sensor codes and Check Engine lights appearing on the dashboard.

Ignition coils
If you find that your engine is running rough and the Check Engine light is displayed on the dashboard, it’s likely your engine is misfiring. In Audis, this is often due to an ignition coil failure. In the past, Audi has had to recall vehicles and replace the ignition coils for free, so it’s always best for your mechanic to check them regularly.

Coolant reservoirs
Many Audi owners will experience the Low Coolant light on their dashboard. If you can spot a puddle of leaked coolant underneath your parked Audi, it’s likely you have a crack in the coolant reservoir. Replacing the reservoir is relatively cheap and is certainly preferable to letting the crack develop and allow your engine to overheat.

CV boots
If you experience a loud clunking sound when turning sharp corners, it’s likely one of the axle joints has dried out due to a torn CV boot. You may require the whole axle assembly to be replaced or rebuilt in this instance. However, if you’ve spotted the fault in time it may be possible to just replace the CV boot and keep the same axle joint.

Valve covers
Engine oil leaks are quite common with Audis. Not only can this pose a risk to the electronics of the vehicle, it’s obviously a fire hazard at the wheel too. Get your mechanic to periodically check the engine’s valve covers and tensioner gasket seals as these are the primary locations for oil leaks.

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