What kind of parts are being used on your car?

Car Maintenance Tips

The type of parts a garage uses on your vehicle is important when it comes to protecting your manufacturer warranty. With help from The Institute of Motoring Industry (IMI) we have outlined the three main kinds of parts that a garage might use, below, so you can make an informed decision about where to take your vehicle for it’s next MOT, service, maintenance or repair work.

Genuine Parts

These are parts, which are supplied by the Vehicle Manufacturer (VM), they could be either; fitted during the production of the vehicle or supplied by the Vehicle Manufacturer to their franchised dealership network for servicing and repairs. A franchised dealership could supply genuine parts to an independent garage for a particular service or repair. The ‘genuine part’ will support a vehicle warranty claim and would meet the VM warranty requirements when the vehicle is repaired through an independent garage, using these VM approved parts.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM parts meet the Vehicle Manufacturer’s (VM) specification and are of equal performance to the genuine parts. However in some cases an OEM part might be of better quality to the original genuine part, e.g. the OEM part is made of a more robust material. However it is always worth checking with your warranty as some VMs could challenge OEM parts if the vehicle required VM warranty repair claim.


Budget parts meet the Vehicle Manufacturer (VM) specification however the budget parts supplied may not be of the same performance as the Genuine or OEM parts. These parts would not meet the requirements if the vehicle required VM warranty repair.

So when choosing a garage, we recommend you check which type of parts will be used on your car. Any quote you receive from garages on the AA Garage Guide will state what type of parts are being used.

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