What does a car service include?

Car Maintenance Tips

Do you know exactly what a Service comprises? We found that 92% of motorists don’t know what is included when their vehicle is serviced – not surprising, seeing as service checklists vary from garage to garage.

To help give some clarity, we have defined our own service checklists for both Interim and Full Services with the help of leading industry experts at The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).

AA Garage Guide Service Checklist

If you book via the AA Garage Guide, the work carried out will be digitally stamped straight back into your free Automyze account – giving a verified service record which adds real value, and which can be shared or passed on when you sell.

Please note:

This checklist is only applicable to garages who have submitted a fixed price for an Interim and/or Full service. This will be clear in the search results.