How to change a wheel in ten steps

Car Maintenance Tips

If you get stopped in your tracks by a tyre puncture or buckled wheel you can always consult The AA Garage Guide to find a local technician who can help. However with the right tools and equipment it is something you can do yourself.

What you will need
  • Manufacturer’s handbook
  • Locking wheel nut
  • Wheel brace
  • Vehicle jack
  • Replacement wheel


What you should do
  1. Ensure your vehicle is not on a main road, but in a safe, flat level location.
  2. Apply the handbrake and put your hazards on.
  3. Put on a reflective jacket and put out your emergency warning triangle.
  4. Loosen the wheel bolts using the wheel brace. The final bolt will need the locking wheel nut tool. Be sure not to completely remove the bolts. They only need to be loosened at this point.
  5. Once all the bolts are loose refer to the manufacturer’s handbook to find out the best jacking point for your vehicle.
  6. Ensure the jack is secure before lifting the vehicle. Once you deem the jack to be secure, raise the vehicle until the wheel is clear off the ground.
  7. Now it is safe to remove the bolts fully. Keep them in a safe place while you remove the damaged wheel.
  8. To refit the wheel, simply align the holes with the hub, and secure the bolts back in.
  9. Lower the vehicle back down using the jack. Once all four wheels are back on the ground you can tighten the bolts using the wheel brace to make sure the wheel is safe and secure.
  10. Check for any instructions on the new wheel – often spare wheels have a speed restriction. Keep the damaged wheel, as you will need to get this repaired as soon as possible. Spare wheels are not intended for long distances.