Never Lose the Paperwork

Car Maintenance Tips

We all know that it’s valuable to have a ‘full service history’, but we think there’s something better: a digitally verified service record which can’t be lost.

The AA has launched Automyze a new, free way to manage everything to do with your car ownership and securely store all your car’s history and records online.

Whenever you make a booking through the AA Garage Guide, the garage will digitally ‘stamp’ the work done to your car, directly to your Automyze account.
It’s totally free and means you will never lose any receipts or paperwork which adds real value.

It’s estimated that a car with a full service history is worth up to 26% more than a car without. And one third of people won’t buy a car without a full service history. So whether you need a Service or MOT immediately, or just want to find out when its due, sign up to Automyze now and let us take care of your car.

Sign-up above, its completely free and secure.