Servicing standards defined by experts, approved by the Institute of the Motor Industry


We defined our Interim and Full Service Checklists with the input and approval of the technical experts at the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) so you can be confident that the work done will be comprehensive and to the highest standards.

Servicing Defined:

What actually is a Service? Do you know what’s actually done to your car when you have it serviced? We found that 92% of people weren’t sure, so we wanted to help clarify what takes place by defining exactly what’s included in our Interim and Full Services.
With input from experts at the Institute for the Motor Industry, we designed and developed the AA Garage Guide Interim and Full Service Checklist to be clear, comprehensive and to the highest standards.

Digital Service Stamps:

Whenever you make a booking through the AA Garage Guide, the garage will digitally stamp the work done directly to your Automyze account, so you will have a verified record of exactly what was work was carried out. It’s totally free and means you’ll never lose any receipts or paperwork which will help retain and add real value.

Warranty Protected:

If your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, choose a garage that uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follow the manufacturer’s own service schedule. Search for a garage on the AA Garage Guide.