How Important Is Getting Temporary Roadside Repairs Fixed by a Garage?


Don’t turn a blind eye to vehicle defects

There is nothing more frustrating or stressful than an electrical or mechanical breakdown with your vehicle when you’re out on the road. Firstly, it’s extremely embarrassing if you are driving on a busy road or motorway, your broken-down vehicle might be causing a road block for many other road users – you certainly won’t be flavour of the month and you could be putting your own safety and that of other road users at risk.

Secondly, you’ll no doubt be concerned at how much the damage to your vehicle will hit you in the wallet if a mechanical or electrical fault is left to worsen over time without being properly fixed for good at a garage
Most roadside recovery and repair services will provide a temporary fix that can get your car to the nearest suitable garage, but it is important to note that very few will come out to your assistance and repair a pre-existing fault that they’ve already seen to before.

What can we do to help you with getting defects fixed?

AA’s Parts and Garage Cover is incredibly popular among the UK’s motorists as we’ll not only come and assist with your breakdown, we’ll replace any parts covered by your policy, or cover costs if your vehicle needs to go into an AA-approved garage for additional work up to a maximum of £500.

However, our cover may not be valid to fix pre-existing faults. The onus is on you to make sure that you get developing faults seen to by the professionals that know best. Driving with a damaged vehicle that’s not technically roadworthy can result in invalidated car insurance policies, costing you a significant amount of money if your damaged vehicle causes an accident in the future.

There’s always a reliable independent garage or dealership near you

At the AA, we’re passionate about ensuring motorists get the best possible service for their vehicles, at the fairest prices. That’s why we created the AA Garage Guide – a 5,000-strong nationwide network of independent garages and franchise dealerships.

Many of the garages and dealerships within our network have recognised motor industry accreditations. Meanwhile some of them choose to become officially certified by us to carry the AA branding on-site. All AA-approved garages undergo periodic inspections and audits to ensure they maintain the standards we expect for Britain’s drivers.

Better still, if you need to book your vehicle in for a swift repair, you can find an AA-approved garage to book it in with online. Simply input your vehicle registration number, postcode and the type of vehicle repairs you require and we’ll do the leg work for you, listing the nearest available garages to undertake the work.

There are dozens of potential indicators that your vehicle may need some repair work. It could be a funny smell, or something visual like a faulty headlamp. Alternatively, it might be a dangerous loss of power on the motorway or an increasingly noisy exhaust. Whatever the reason, the AA’s Parts and Garage Cover and the certified garages and dealerships listed within the AA Garage Guide are here to help get you back on the road with a minimum of fuss.