AA Garage Ratings


How Does The Ratings & Reviews System Of Our Approved Garages Work?

The ratings and reviews of all 4,900 approved garages within the AA Garage Guide are 100% genuine. It is a legal requirement of the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for us to be able to provide reviews of each independent garage or Franchise Dealership listed that are entirely credible and real.

Consequently, the ratings and reviews system is heavily intertwined with our online booking system for all car servicing, repairs and MOTs carried out by trained technicians within our approved network.

If you book your vehicle in with a garage using our website, the garage will not be able to digitally verify the completion of the works and add these to your vehicle history until you rate and review your customer experience with them. All works completed are added digitally by garages to your free Automyze account, a valuable digital service and repair record which adds real value to the vehicle and can be transferred if you sell it in the future.

When requesting a booking at an AA-approved garage via our website, the terms and conditions of the booking state that you agree to rate and review your experience of the garage or Franchise Dealership using the website’s rating and review process. Similarly, we oblige garages carrying out the work on your vehicle via our online bookings to digitally verify all works carried out within your Automyze profile.

Automyze: Free for all UK motorists

You don’t need to be a member of the AA, or hold any of our active policies or products, to benefit from our free Automyze service. It’s entirely free for all UK motorists, helping to make motoring more rewarding and digitally transparent. This transparency also feeds through to the ratings and reviews of all garages within our approved network.

It’s important for us that each garage or Franchise Dealership receives regular customer scrutiny. These reviews allow us to quickly pinpoint any businesses that are in danger of falling below the minimum standards we demand from our approved garages.

The very essence of the AA Garage Guide is to make it easier for motorists nationwide to find great, high-quality garages and Franchise Dealerships on your doorstep. Without your commitment to reviewing and rating their services, it’s harder for us to ensure each hand-picked business is maintaining excellent levels of customer service – taking the best care of you and your vehicles.

We champion expertise throughout our approved network

Many independent garages and Franchise Dealerships within the AA Garage Guide are encouraged to secure accreditation for The Motor Ombudsman’s Code of Practice for Service and Repair. This is designed to drive even higher standards of workmanship and service, open and transparent pricing and invoicing and a straightforward, transparent complaint procedure. All AA-approved garages accredited to The Motor Ombudsman’s Service and Repair Code will display the logo above on their AA Garage Guide listing.

We’ve also partnered with The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to increase motorists’ confidence in the skills and qualifications of technicians at local garages and Franchise Dealerships. We champion approved premises that employ skilled car mechanics, vehicle technicians and sales representatives listed on the IMI’s Professional Register. Garages and Franchise Dealerships with employees on the IMI Register will display the IMI logo on their AA Garage Guide listing to demonstrate their experience, professionalism and commitment to ethical working practices.