About the IMI

Institue of the Motor Industry

About the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)
IMI is the professional body for the automotive industry. Recognising individual’s skills and ethical working commitments.

IMI Professional Register

According to a 2014 independent survey: over 89% of motorists prefer to deal with an accredited professional. Makes sense. But how do you find one?

The AA Garage Guide champions garages that employ trained professionals who are listed on the IMI Professional Register. So you can be confident in the skills and qualifications of the individuals at the garage you choose to take your car to. Look out for the IMI Registered Professional logo on our search results and garages’ listings.

What is the IMI Professional Register?

The IMI Professional Register lists individuals such as car mechanics, vehicle technicians and sales representatives in the automotive industry who have been recognised for their experience, professionalism and commitment to ethical working practices, and for continually keeping their knowledge and skills up to date with the latest training from within the industry.

Why are IMI Registered professionals different?

All individuals on the Register have been recognised, verified and approved by the IMI for:

  • their qualifications
  • their experience in the motor industry
  • their skills, knowledge and competency levels
  • their commitment to continually keeping their skills up to date.
  • they’ve committed to ethical working practices and have signed the IMI Code of Conduct.

By continually keeping skills and knowledge up to date, the professionals listed on the Register:

  • drive up standards across the sector
  • demonstrate their professional knowledge, skills and competence
  • assure you, as a customer, of an ethical and quality service
  • increase public confidence in the automotive industry.

For more information on the IMI Professional Register visit www.imiregister.org.uk