How does customer the rating and review system work?

Garage Guide FAQ

The Garage Guide provides our active garages with customer reviews following a booking. Our aim is to provide you with a traceable, valuable review from each and every booking. Our customers are motivated to leave a review for you because following submission of their review, our system adds the work you have completed to their AA account – which helps them keep track of their vehicle’s service history in one online place.

How this works:

Our review system removes the risk of receiving false reviews by ensuring that only our motorists who have actually booked in and visited your garage can then leave a review. They are obliged to review your garage in order to receive the digital verification of work to their AA account. It works like this:

  • Once you have completed the work to the vehicle, you will confirm the work via your Garage Guide dashboard
  • We hold onto this entry until the customer has rated and reviewed their experience at your garage
  • Once they have left their review, we credit the work completed into their AA account

You can respond to reviews – which gives you the opportunity to thank customers for their kind words, or address and resolve any issues that may crop up.

More and more customers are relying on recommendations to help them make a decision on the car maintenance and repair needs. Our Garage Guide helps you build and manage your reputation – which in today’s digital world is essential for maintaining and growing your business.

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