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Why should I regularly service my Renault ?

When it comes to European car brands you would be hard pushed to find one more unique and important than Renault. For many years this French brand has been at the cutting edge of car design, motorsport and technology while at the same time bring a seemingly endless stream of reliable and quality cars to the mass market. From the now classic Renault 5 to the constantly re-invented Megane Renault have made a name for themselves across many areas of motoring. The brand even took an early leap into the ultra-micro electric vehicle market with the cutting edge Twizy which has proved a very popular urban and rural runabout. Now joining many other brands by producing two SUV crossover models in the Captur and Kadjar Renault continue to hold on to a large section of the UK and European car market, and for good reason. With so much to shout about the solid reliability of modern Renaults is often over looked but not by owners who know they are onto a good thing. However, no matter how reliable and well built a car is, it still needs to be serviced regularly. Manufacturers will always have strict guidelines for servicing intervals based on mileage and age and sticking to these will help keep your Renault running as well as it should do. AA Garage Guide garages are able to offer the full range of Renault servicing right across the current and past model range from classics to contemporary cars. If your car needs a service use the AA Garage Guide today and find a local and skilled centre and book your Renault into.

Keeping Your Renault Serviced

By making sure you book your Renault service when its due you will be making sure your car is benefitting for a number of reasons. A car with a full service history will hold its value on the used car and trade in market far better than one that has not been serviced properly. It is a simple fact that a full service history shouts “buy me” a lot louder than a part of even non-existent one. AA Garage Guide garages use much of same equipment and techniques as Renault dealerships so can maintain your car at a level any buyer would be pleased with. Another very important reason to keep up with Renault servicing guidelines is safety. As a car builds up more miles and years the various safety features do wear out, things like brake pads and discs can become far less efficient and in some cases fail to work at all. Making sure you book your Renault in for a service regularly will mean these important factors are checked and replaced when needed making your car as safe as it can be. As well as keeping your car safe, servicing will help reduce the chance of the car breaking down which in itself can be a dangerous situation. AA Garage Guide garages can advise and recommend the right level of Renault servicing for your car.

Renault Servicing Costs

A cheap service is highly unlikely to be a good service. Keeping your car well maintained is not something to cut corners on but AA Garage Guide garages costs are carefully aimed to suit and meet all budgets. Although no corners are cut, no extra expense is added either, with an AA Garage Guide garage you get great value and top quality servicing for your Renault as well as a very high standard of customer care. Not only are our service centres carefully vetted and chosen they are also able to work on newer cars without invalidating the Renault warranty, this means you now have a choice about where to take your car for repairs, MOTs and servicing rather than having to go to a main dealership.

Renault Parts

There are millions or different car parts on the market, some of which are made by car brands themselves, some by approved manufacturers. These cheaper parts can often be a false economy and this is why AA Garage Guide garages offer top quality OE equivalent or branded parts during Renault services and repair work. As well as these high quality parts AA Garage Guide garages use a lot of the same diagnostic and technical equipment as Renault themselves so you know your car is in very safe hands with our highly trained technicians.

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By simply putting in your registration number and postal code the AA Garage Guide will let you browse a number of high quality service centres that are checked and chosen for their skills, customer care and general high standards. So if the service light has come on in your Clio or your trusty old Laguna needs a full service before the winter then start your search using our guide today.

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