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Why should I regularly service my BMW ?

BMW is a brand that is synonymous with quality, reliability and motoring pedigree. Whether you are an owner of a nippy little 1 series or perhaps you have the pleasure of driving and M5 the level of trust and confidence you get from your car will be the same. The Munich born brand has, over the last 50 years at least, produced a range of cars from luxury tourers to small saloons as well as highly successful racing cars and the odd super car to boot. With it’s M series cars offering track performance in a road format BMW have always managed to appeal to the bedroom wall dreamers as much as pragmatic and calculated car buyers. Much of the German brands reputation is based on reliability but also, plainly and simply, on quality. When you sit in your BMW you are not assaulted by flashing lights, over the top styling and annoying bulky plastic. You are simply surrounded by exactly what you need and in a way where everything is where it should be and everything works. It is this solidity and function over form that has led to BMW being one of the most successful car brands in the world.

You may drive a family 3 series estate, or perhaps you are lucky enough to own the now famous i8 either way keeping your BMW in good shape is critical to keeping it true to it’s reputation and servicing your car is the best way to do that.

AA Garage Guide Garages

The AA Garage Guide do not recommended any old garage. To become one of our chosen Garage Guide Garages each centre must be carefully vetted and checked to make sure not only the work done on cars is up to standard but also the customer service too. Getting the right work done, on time and to a high standard is important for a number of reasons but so it customer satisfaction, understanding and support. This is why you can trust an AA Garage Guide Garage to look after your BMW servicing needs as well as look after you.

Servicing and Repairs

Making sure you keep your BMW serviced according to the manufacturers schedule is essential for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that good servicing can help prevent things going wrong with your car. A BMW service will help keep your car in good working order and it will also mean any larger issues can be spotted early and fixed before you suffer a breakdown while out on the road. Breaking down can be dangerous not only due to the fact that a car can become hard to control if something breaks but also because standing by the side of a road at any time can be risky but especially so on a cold wet night!

By making sure you keep up to date with your BMW servicing you may also find you are helping to maintain the residual value of your car. Let’s face it, when you go to sell your much loved 318 you are far more likely to get the money you want for it if it has a full service history. Search for your nearest AA Garage Guide Garage to keep you BMW working well and the value up.

BMW Servicing Costs

When choosing a garage to service your BMW it is important you select it on the right basis. Using cost as a measurement can often lead to more expenditure further down the line. A cheap service is not likely to be a good service; things get missed, poor quality filters, oils and parts are used and ultimately the car will be worse off for it. Choose a garage that can offer the standards expected by BMW, and choose a garage that knows the brand. AA Garage Guide Garages offer dealership levels of servicing at a price to suit most budgets. BMW servicing varies depending on the car and the type of service needed it makes sense to use our guide to find your nearest garage.

The Work

AA Garage Guide Garages are able to provide very high quality BMW servicing and repairs that meet the exacting standards of this famous German marque. In fact AA Garage Guide Garages actually use the recommended servicing systems, techniques, parts and technology that BMW do so you can rest assured your 1 Series, X5 or even your classic 3002 are all in very safe hands. Before 2003 manufacturers could actually invalidate your warranty if you did not take your car to a main dealership for servicing, now, thanks to some very sensible legislation you can now use an AA Garage Guide Garage for all your BMW servicing needs without fear of damaging your warranty.

BMW Parts

When it comes to parts to fix your car things can get a little complicated. Many garages use cheap “pattern” parts that are made up to fit certain makes of cars but are certainly not made to the standard the manufacturer would be happy with. This can lead to potential weaknesses in the car, lowered value and reliability issues. AA Garage Guide Garages all use real BMW parts or parts BMW would recommend, and in doing so give you peace of mind that the parts used on your car are as good as the work done.

Use the AA Garage Guide Today

If your service indicator lights has appeared on your dashboard, or if you are well organised and you know you are reaching a time or mileage limit where you need to get you BMW serviced, use the AA Garage Guide to find your local centre. Whether you drive a mighty M3, or a frugal 116 make the right choice for your car today.

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