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Why should I regularly service my Audi ?

Audi, much like other German manufacturers are known for making highly reliable cars but Audis offer so much more than just German efficiency. As a brand Audi have successfully created desirable and highly popular cars right across the different segments from sporty Audi TT right through to large SUVs like the Q7. As well as these 2 ends of the spectrum Audi have had many years of success with the flexible A4 and A6 ranges that offer style comfort and space for executives and families alike. Audi not only show a broad spectrum of car types they also offer engines to suit all tastes from economical diesel engines to the high performance RS and S spec engines not to mention their stunning Quattro all-wheel drive system that first saw the light of day in a world beating rally car. Whatever Audi you drive you will no doubt love it and making sure your car stays in full working order is essential. This is as important for an owners of an early TT as it is to someone who is just reaching their first servicing alert on a new A5. Audi servicing is important and getting the work done at the right times will not only keep the car running as it should but help keep you safe and maintain the residual value of the car too.

AA Garage Guide Garages

AA garage guide garages are carefully vetted and fully qualified to service and work on your Audi. Whether you are driving a classic Quattro or an A8, getting a qualified mechanic who knows the ins and outs of the brand is critical. By using the AA garage guide to select a garage you can be sure of the same level of knowledge, quality and service as you would get at any Audi dealership.

The Servicing

Having your Audi serviced at regular intervals is important for many reasons, not least safety. By looking after your car and making sure you following Audi servicing dates and mileage recommendations you will minimise the risk of a dangerous problem with the car. Breaking down anywhere can be a worry, doing so on a motorway can be a serious concern, why risk a break down when having your car regular serviced can help avoid the situation completely. It is worth remembering that the used car market is full of cars that do not have a full service history. By making sure you keep up with your Audi servicing guidelines you will actually help to keep the residual value high; a fact you will be very pleased about when you come to sell the car.

Service Costs

Servicing your car can vary in cost greatly depending on where you go, a cheap Audi service is not always a good one so it is worth looking at other factors than price when selecting a garage. A basic service can range from £40 to £100+ depending on the model. By choosing a AA garage guide garage for your Audi you can rest assured your car will be worked on by a vetted and well trained mechanic in a garage with all the correct equipment to do the job right. Don’t scrimp on servicing your Audi, choose a reliable and trust worthy garage by using the AA garage guide and drive away safe in the knowledge you have done the best by your car.

The Work

All work carried out by AA garage guide garages is done to the very exacting standards set by Audi themselves. In 2003 the EU legislated against manufacturers invalidating owners’ warranties of they had their car serviced anywhere but one of their own dealerships. Now owners are free to go to any Garage they choose. This, of course, meant that anyone could service any car and not all garages offer the standard of service you should expect. Our garages are not only allowed to work on your Audi but they are carefully selected and rigorously checked to make sure you get treated properly and your car correctly serviced or repaired.

The Parts

When it comes to parts most people are not aware of what is fitted to a car unless they know to ask. AA garage guide garages will offer the best quality parts available to make sure your Audi is kept running as it should and not compromised by poor quality parts. In all but the most unusual situations we would use “OE” or original equipment parts. Your AA garage guide mechanic will make every effort to keep you informed about the parts used during any repair or service.

Contact Your AA Garage Guide Garage

If your Audi service light is on, or you know you are due a service soon, don’t risk your car taking it to an un-vetted garage. Ensure the future safety and value of your Audi and search for your local AA Garage Guide Garage today.

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